Clean Wash Facial Gel & Scrub

facial cleaning gel

Clean Wash Facial Gel
Pomegranate or Argan Oil Extract

It is specially formulated for clean, mattifying and reduse the excessivese sebum production, pimples on the skin. It removes all dirty and make-up from the skin face. This gel is balaces skin oils which determines pH and moisture balance and clean skin deeply without damaging the skin face.

Usage: Appropriate amount of gel is frothed and applied to wet skin by circular motions rinsed with plenty of water without waiting and skin gets purged. Then apply the gel. 

Facial Scrub
Pomegranate or Argan Oil Extract

High moisturising Facial Scrub with Pomegranate or Argan Oil Extract, deeply cleanses the skin, helps eliminate dirt, helps against acne, wrinkles and restore skin's natural moisture balance. It gives skin natural nourishment and make it smooth & soft.

Usage: Apply over clean wet face and massage gently, rinse with warm water & pat dry.