Hair Remover Cream & Calming cream

protem kozmetik-hair remover

Calming Cream

Before Epilation Local Relief Pain & Antiseptic Cream
This Local Cream is applied before apilation, IPL, Laser & wax for reduce the pain during the epilation especially sensitive area. It have quick anesthetic effect with antiseptic properties.

Usage: Apply the cream on the zone before 3-4 minutes from the epilation. It is active about 30-45 minutes. According to the type of skin of the person.

Hair Remover Cream
Vitamin E, Chamomile & Aloe Vera
By Using Hair Remover Cream get rid easily from your body hair at arms, legs and belly without using shaver or epilator.

Apply this cream directly to the skin so as to cover completely the hair. Leave the cream on your skin after 3 minutes. The Clean a small area to test. Clean the rest of the hair if they coming off easily.