Water & Net Systems A/C


AquaBAC 50
Disinfectant (Concentrated) of Aquaculture (Free Silver) Multi–Use in Medical & Food / Beverage Sector (Free Colour, Fragrance & Taste) Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Water Control

Features: Universal range of Application, Long-Lasting Effect, no Carcinogenic or mutagenic effect, Non-toxic, Free colour, odour and tast, does not change the taste of water & food , effective in water temperatures ranging from 0 - 95°C, it does not form chemical compounds with other chemical elements. AquaBAC 50 is widely used in Aquaculture as a water clarier & a disinfectant. It is very effective in recirculation facilities. AquaBAC 50 disinfection is very Safe & Effective method for removing the risk of most Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, Yeasts and Fungies from the water. AquaBAC 50 is Active Against many harmful types of mold, spores, mildew, and bacteria including Gram Positive/Negative, Legionnaries, Salmonella, Escherichia Coli, Listeria, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Clostridum Botulinum, Bacilius Cereus, Bacillus Anthracis, Listeria, Shigella, MRSA..etc.), Viruses, Sporogenisis, HCV, Inuenza A, Pseudorabies Viruses. There are no toxic residuals. Proper Disinfection with highly stable.

ClimaBAC A/C
Air Condition A/C, Ventilation & Atmosphere Cleaning and Disinfecting Concentrated & Spray RFU (Free Fragrance / Fragrance)

Features: Clima A/C Spray Disinfectant & Cleaner for A/C: Effective Cleaner & Disinfectant with its special developed, strong formulation. It purifies your A/C Filters and Atmosphere from Bacteria, Yeats & Molds. Its killing efficiency on bacteria, yearts & molds is approved by Ege University Bioengineering Department's Antimicrobial Efficiency Test Report. Its Killing efficiency on Legionella Pneumophila, is the bacteria cause "A/C Disease" on human lungs. It provides Clean & Safe working to your A/C. Spraying according to case. It kills microorganisms in %99 ratio. It removes bad odour which is caused by microorganisms in A/C. Provides Airness & hygiene with fresh & clean scent. Effective & reliable disinfectant against microorganism which are formed in the air conditioning filters of the Houses, Rooms, Offices & Cars.

Descaler A3 & Descaler A3 Plus
Acidic Surface & Equipment / Tools Cleaner Liquid Lime & Rust Remover, Multi-Use in Medical & Food Veterinary Sector (Free Colour & Fragrance)

Features: Phosphoric Acid based Lime & Rust Remover. Cleans Minerals Rests of walls , Floors & Metal Equipment Surfaces. Cleans Lime, Rust & doesn't damage Epoxy, PVC & natural Stone, Floor, Surfaces, Equipments and Instruments. It doesn't corrode the surfaces. It doesn't damage Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic because of inhibitors (It has a very High Compatibility). Suitable dosage systems. Can be used with all water types, Rinsing Easily without Traces after using. Save your time for Cleaning. Economic, dilute by water according to case. Safe, no toxic, Food Grade & Environment Friendly.