Lozthroat (Lozenge & Winter Tea)

Winter tea

Fast and effective effervecent tablets for relief of sore

throat, flu, tonsillitis & cough
Soothing & antiseptic effervecent tablets

With Ginger & Cinnamon / Propolis & Vitamin C

This Effervescent Tablet help to:

• Fast and effective for relief of sore throat, flu, tonsillitis & cough
• Work with the body to help maintain a healty immune system.
• An antioxidant which help protect against free radicals to maintain healty cells.
• Needed in your diet every day because in cannot be store in the body for any lenfth of time.


• Dissolve one effervescent tablet in half cup of hot water / 150 ml. You can use 1-4 effervescent tablets by day when needed.
• Do not take more than 6 effervescent tablets by day.


 Protem Kozmetik-loztroat


Throat Lozenge Without or with Lidocaine

A throat lozenge (cough drop, troche, cachou, or cough sweet) is a small, typically medicated tablet intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to temporarily stop coughs and lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat (usually due to a sore throat), possibly from the common cold or influenza. Cough tablets have taken the name lozenge, based on their original shape, a diamond. Lozenge with anti-septic and for the diabet patients will be in the market very soon.